lauantai 31. maaliskuuta 2012

Viva Mexico

At the end of the February there was only one sure thing. My girlfriend and I both will have winter vacations at the beginning of the March. So we were waiting any interesting “last minute travel deals” to appear. All we could find was hundreds of deals to Canary Islands. Until an week before our vacations we spotted a reasonable priced trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It took about two minutes to make the decision, so Mexico it was.

At the first couple of days we enjoyed some good food and a bottle of Corona every now and then, walked back and forth on the avenues and streets of the city and just chilled out. We also made a trip to old ruins of Chichen Itza. It’s amazing what a man was able to do over an thousand years ago. That night I decided to go shore fishing next morning.

The famous pyramid of Chichen Itza.

I woke up at four a clock, had some breakfast and left from the hotel. I walked almost an hour along the beach until I found an decent looking place to fish for. It was a quiet morning. No Barracudas, no Jack Crevalles. Only few small Needlefish followed my spoons but I couldn’t hook them.

My newest travel set, Penn Battle 4000 and Berkley Muscle travel rod.
Next day we took a ferry to the nearby island called Cozumel. From the island we took a couple of hours snorkeling trip so I had a chance to see what’s swimming under the surface of the Caribbean. And there they was, Parrotfishes, Rays, Angelfishes etc. etc. You can only guess if that eased my pressures to go fishing again….or NOT!

It was Saturday evening when I went to talk with local fishing guides about next day’s fishing trip. It was expensive trip (I thank you Americans with your big bunch of money) but I really wanted to do that.

I had a date with my guides at 6.30am and as I was on time probably first time at my life, they weren’t. They showed up about seven o’clock and started to prepare their boat (mañana mañana-attitude). At 7.25 we finally hit the waves and the trip begun.
Our boat, almost ready to go...
The first two hours or so we trolled on the edge of the deep water with Ballyhoo baits. Then I got bored with trolling and told to guides it’s time to start catching now. So it was bottom fishing time. As soon as my baits hit the bottom there was something snapping those. First I had some difficulties to hook them, but after few lost baits I finally caught my first fish. It was an White Grunt. After that I caught fishes every now and then. There was couple of Groupers, Grunts and Snappers, Tilefish, Wrasse and one Triggerfish. I like all kind of fish but there is something about Triggerfishes, I like them even more.

Here’s pictures of some of the species I caught:
White Grunt
The best fish of the trip. Queen Triggerfish.
Yellowhead Wrasse.
So, I caught nine species which from all were new for me. My total count is on 111 now. Now it’s time to concentrate on Finnish species again. Fortunately the winter is finally over and the spring season has started….