maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2013

Goby hunt from the ice

A bit over an week ago I was at the ice fishing competition. Couple of the competitors managed to hook some Sand gobies from there. I took that as a challenge for myself and last Thursday I drove back to the same place for pre work quick session after gobies.

It took about fifteen minutes to hook and land one. I was using #22 hook and couple of small split shots on the line and a tiny bit of worm as a bait. I then use the rest of the time (about half an hour) searching for Zander but that Sand goby was the only fish I could catch that morning.
This is the first Sand goby I've caught from the ice.

tiistai 12. helmikuuta 2013

Pike from the ice

At the start of the year I’ve totally concentrated on Pike fishing from the ice. I’m using live baits for this. In my opinion that is by far the most exciting way to fish from the ice.
Waiting for the bite.

Basic Pike of about 2½ kilos.
My results have been quite good too. At my very first trip at the beginning of the January I caught nine Pike from which the biggest one weighed 8,6 kilos. I also caught couple of fish around five kilos on that session. I have also caught Pikes of 6,5 and 7,2 kilos so I really can say this have been a good winter for me. I have made almost all my trips alone but about an week ago I was on the ice with Viljami. That was not a super trip but we still caught few Pike each.

Best fish so far. A nice fat Pike of 8,6 kilos.

I’ve been laying sick at home for four days now. Hopefully I can get back to the ice by the end of the week.
Viljami is playing with a Pike.

And the result. Pike of about five kilos (93cm).
Catch & Release. Of course.