maanantai 18. marraskuuta 2013

Carp & surprises

After our last autumns successful carp fishing trip ( to the southeastern Finland we decided to make new attempt this year too. First it was supposed to be only carp fishing trip but it turned out to be something even better….

Just couple of days before our trip I read from a fishing forum that there was some Siberian sturgeon stocked in the pond about a week ago. So besides the boilies, pellets and sweetcorn I packed few boxes of worms and bought couple of bags shrimps.

This time we started fishing at Thursday afternoon and continued straight to Saturday morning. After we had baited the area and set our carp gears up we decided to go to sleep so we could start float fishing early in the morning.

It was a bit chilly night because the temperature dropped all the way to zero degrees. But still we have several line bites until Viljami finally got a decent run at 3.15 am.  After a short fight I scooped a nice five kilos mirror carp to the net.

Rest of the night was much more quiet. I woke up at six thirty when it was still bit hazy. I did some rebaiting and checked my rods cause I had an feeling there would come a run at morning. And it came at half past eight. Well, it was one of Viljamis rods again. I was standing right next to his rod pod so I crabbed his rod and shouted him to continue the fight. This time it was a six kilos common carp.
Fish of the misty morning.

Before noon we baited couple of swims with pellets and some shrimps to attract the sturgeons. I had few cautious bites before I hooked my first fish. It was a strange fight. My 12 foot match rod was bended over for about five minutes and the fish made only one short run during the fight. Finally we managed to slip the fish to the landing net. And there it was, my first ever Siberian sturgeon. It was foul hooked from the anal fin but still I’m counting it as a new species. 
My first ever Sturgeon going back home...

Few hours later the bailiff Marko came to see how were we doing. He dropped some hashed worms to my swim and just ten minutes later I was on again. The fight was different than the first one and first I thought I was fighting a Tench. But soon the fish started to kite from side to side and moments later I had caught second Sturgeon of the day. This time it was hooked properly from the lip. Viljamis swim was dead as a stone so I asked him to try mine. About fifteen minutes later he also caught his first ever Sturgeon.
Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii baerii).
That's a one happy fisherman!

That was it. All we caught later was couple of small Perch.  The second night was warmer than the first one and we were sure there’s gonna be some serious carp action during the night. But how wrong can you think. There was no action at all. No runs, not even line bites. But hey, this is carp fishing. It’s not easy even at well stocked day ticket waters.

I did not catch any Carp but I caught a new species. I think the trip was even better I could imagine.

After that trip I have been fishing for Pike several times. So far my biggest one weighed 6,3 kilos so the really fat ladies have evaded me yet. My friend Ville joined me about a month ago and managed to catch a nice fish of 9,4 kilos.
That's another happy fisherman.

So far this autumn has been quite mild so I hope the Pike season will be long and fruitful….