maanantai 28. toukokuuta 2012

Quick session

Yesterday I had an short fishing session on the nearby lake of my parents in law. It gave me six species, Bream, Perch, Roach, Ruffe, White Bream and Rudd that was another new species for the year.
One of the most beautiful species in the Finnish waters. Rudd.

That was a nice view to the lake.

lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2012

Awesome find from my friends

About an week ago I got an SMS with a picture of Ninespine Stickleback. Half an hour later came another message with a picture of Belica. I answered to it and asked what the hell are you doing at Helsinki (There has been so far the one and only place to hit Belicas). And back came another SMS where they said that they are right at the neighbourhood.

Of course I didn’t swallow that so easily. The day after I saw them and of course I tried to question the place from them. And of course they did NOT tell it to me. However, somehow I managed to conclude where they have been.

I also had a totally harmless fishing buddy, The Grass snake (Natrix natrix).
Soon after that I was on my way to one little pond in the southwesterly Finland. When I finally found that pond it took only couple of minutes to hit my first Ninespine stickleback of the year. And about five minutes later I was holding a small silvery fish on my hand. It had a very short lateral line so there was no other options. It just had to be Belica!
Ninespine stickleback (Pungitius pungitius)

Belica (Leucaspius delineatus)

Yesterday I talked to my friend and they had have confirmation from a fish biologist, they truly were Belicas.

So couple of new species to add to my yearly list. Actually I had another short trip to another little pond couple of days ago. From there I managed to find few small Crucian carp. So my count is on 22 now.
Species is a species, even the smallest specimen will count.

perjantai 18. toukokuuta 2012

Spinnerbait fever

I made my first Pike attack of the year with my friend Tomi about an week ago to the sea area nearby (for those who didn’t know we have brackish water at the northern Baltic Sea so Pike and many other freshwater fish species can live at the sea too).

We started with jerkbaits and Storm suspending jigs. Tomi caught one pike of about three and half kilos in few minutes and I had a bite soon after that. That was a fast start but it went dead for couple of hours after that.

Few hotspots later we pushed our boat in to the rushes and started to fish with spinnerbaits. It didn’t took too long to me have a first bite. I felt instantly that it was a decent  sized fish. After a short fight I lifted my species number 19 of the year in to the boat. A nice Northern Pike was weighing 6,3 kilos. On the next cast Tomi caught a smallish Pike too and then it was silence for couple of hours again.
My first Pike of the year.

 In the afternoon we found a short piece of reeds where the Pike were a bit more active. We caught altogether nine Pike all with spinnerbaits. Biggest I caught from there was a fish of about four and a half kilos.
Not a super but nice start for a Pike season in a nice weather and with a nice company.

torstai 10. toukokuuta 2012

Searching for Flounder

Waiting is on again....
About an week ago we made a whole day trip after Flounder with my friend Jarno. There's nothing to tell to posterity. We caught altogether seven small Whitefish and seven Perch.

My first Whitefish. A huge fish of about 100 grams.

There was also a unpleasant episode with the local fishermen. They came with their boat, saw us and our rods on the shore and dropped their gillnets right over our lines. And believe it or not this is still just normal behaviour in the archipelago of Turku.....
There's a gillnet buoy about 30 meters from the place I was sitting.

So, no Flounder this time. Hopefully I can make another trip before the fish are leaving those shallow waters.

torstai 3. toukokuuta 2012

Third time tells the truth

Back by the river again. This time it was completely different action. I caught Roach after Roach after Roach with my five meter whip rod. I also had my feeder rod (without feeder, only a rig with a sliding lead on my line) on action. I casted it little bit further almost in the middle of the river. I was hoping that there was some possibilities for bigger fish there. First there was only odd Roach and Ruffe eating my worms. About an hour had past when I stroked once again and felt something slightly heavier in the end of my line. And yes, there it finally was. A Vimba bream of bit under 300 grams. Soon after that I caught another one. Then it went back to Roach and Ruffe again.
Vimba bream or Zarte (Vimba vimba)
In some point I was thinking about leaving and going to another river on the way back home. Maybe I would have a chance to catch one Ide there. I had already packed my whip rod and almost everything else away when I saw an shy bite at my quivertip. I stroke and there was something bigger again. And yes, it was an Ide (Leuciscus idus).

So because I now had my Ide I decided to stay for a little longer in a hope of bigger Vimba. And somebody heard my wishes. Quite soon I caught another Vimba and it was decent size too. It was not an monster but weighed 456g (just about one pound) just eight grams under my PB. I caught one more Vimba before I left back to home. That was a one nice day.
After the Vimba bream, the Ide and a Bleak I caught on match fishing competition at Tuesday my year count is on 18 Finnish species now.