sunnuntai 9. helmikuuta 2014

Starting the 2014 season

Long time no see.

During the autumn I made several attacks after Pike but nothing worth mentioning happened. Well, I bought a fly fishing rod etc. for Pike fishing. Once I borrowed a belly boat from my friend I was totally hooked. So I was forced (yeah right) to buy a belly boat of my own as well. I caught some Pike  during the autumn but all the big ones got around me from the distance.
Me and my new toys.

Now, after a long and mild autumn the ice fishing season has finally started. I have made few bait fishing trips after a Pike but results have been crappy. After three full days trips I have landed only two smallish Pike.
Viljami with a huge Pike he caught...

At the end of  January we had a meeting of Finnish species hunters. The meeting was at the place where I had a great start for the 2012 season (You'll find the report here).

There was about fifteen of us hunting for Fourhorn sculpin, Baltic herring, Eelpout and what ever will hit our baits. During the day many of our group caught one or more lifers. I caught four new species for my 2014 lists including Smelt, Three-spined stickleback, Baltic Herring and Fourhorn sculpin. The Viviparous eelpout was one species I didn’t caught though everybody else caught at least one.

I was too lazy to take any pics at this trip. But hey, luckily you can find better report (in Finnish) and some pictures at Juha's blog.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m gonna do some serious species hunt at the Finnish waters this year again. I’m now on 10 species so the start has been quite good. Well the time will tell what I will do.

Quite soon I’m travelling to Canary Islands with my family. It’s not gonna be a serious fishing holiday but I’m still quite confident I’ll catch some new species to add to my life list as well….